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Java EE application development – Migrating from Eclipse to IntelliJ

Project on github:


As Eclipse on Mac system is really sludgy and slowly, I finally decide to migrate the projects from eclipse to IntelliJ IDEA. It is a quite powerful IDE with a simple and beautiful interface, making development easier and comfortable. When migrating projects, I’ve already built several projects for our next tutorial, but it’s fine, in this blog I will show you how to import projects using IntelliJ and in the next blog, I will show you what the new projects are. If you don’t want to migrate the project yourself, you can pull from github, which I’ve removed previous projects and now they are all built for IntelliJ.

We have built our project using maven, so it is quite simple for migration. The project structure remains the same, all you need do is to delete eclipse related files. Let’s get started.


Open your IntelliJ IDE and select Import Project from your workspace.

Choose Import project from external model and select Maven and click next.

Select search for project recursively, because our projects are modularised, they live in subfolders, so you tell IntelliJ to search for pom.xml in nested folders. Then check import Maven projects automatically. Click next.

Check com.zxuqian:notebookRoot:0.0.1-SNAPSHOT, this is the root project for easily manage dependencies. I will explain it in the next blog. Click next.

Choose your JDK and click next.

Name the project and decide the project file location, I keep it originally. Click finish.

Now, in your project, there are eclipse related files and folders, .settings, build, .classpath, .project. You can delete them safely because they will never be used by IntelliJ.

At this step, you have done the migration. Not so hard, so we will exploit this powerful IDE in future posts. Next post, I will show you how to write the JPA code.

Note: Feature image from IntelliJ official website.