About Me


I’m a full stack developer who focuses on enterprise software development and cloud computing. I’m also interested in web and mobile development, and I love designing user interfaces. I have four years work experience as a Java developer, during which I was involved in several large-scale software development cycles.  To experience the most advanced technology and improve myself, I come to America and study Masters in Computer Science.

This blog is about sharing development experience in all stacks, from server backend to front end, including mobile, using the newest or the most stable technologies, such as Java EE, React, Android and so on. All these technologies will be applied in a study case called notebook, which may only contain basic functionalities, but includes all aspects of a technology.

A final note, English is my second language, there must be mistakes in grammar, words, and phrases. If you find any of them, please feel free to point out. I will improve my English by learning from mistakes.